Restoration Services

St. Jude Liturgical Arts Studio is most proud of its capability of restoring original art pieces to their original beauty. Whether it be a sacred vessel that has been tarnished or damaged over the years, or existing bronze railings, or statuary such as the newly restored Stations of the Cross installed in the Cathedral Basilica in Philadelphia, St. Jude Liturgical Arts is proud to provide any of your restoration needs.

therese-1-300x225 (2)Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Church

Project Location: Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, PA

Dates of Construction: 2009

Summary Description of Project:

We are happy to showcase one of our favorite projects here. When Father Stephen Thorne, pastor of Saint Therese Church in Mt. Airy, called our Liturgical Arts Studio he expressed some of the same concerns we hear from pastors and parish councils often. These concerns raise one important question: Can we renovate our church, creating a more beautiful space, while respecting our congregation by keeping a minimal budget? The answer: Yes…and we can help.

St. Jude Liturgical Arts Studio is first and foremost a ministry of service for us. On our case studies page you will see examples of work we have completed in Cathedrals, The National Basilica, and even work for the Holy Father…this does not mean that our expertise is only available to those with large budgets. In fact we are able to work with just about any budget. We stand by our reputation and that means that you will receive the same attention and skill from our team no matter what your needs demand.

In this project we began with budget in mind then provided the pastor with options, drawings, and full-color renderings which focused on important elements of the sanctuary: The Blessed Sacrament and the Crucifix.

After our plans were approved, we went to work in creating a beautiful new sanctuary for a dynamic parish.

Take a close look at the photos below. It’s clear to see that we used the budget wisely. First we replaced the tabernacle and placed above it a new carved crucifix that is simply stunning. We made use of the existing side statues and chairs and enhanced the canopy by creating faux columns and adding height to the center part of the sanctuary wall. The columns cause the eye to focus more on the area of the altar of sacrifice. We then called on the skill of our team of artists to add beauty to the area with a gold painting technique which speaks for itself. Our artists also used a paint technique to enhance the crucifix. Maybe you didn’t notice…take a closer look! Using a fair bit of artistry and some gold leafing we were able to once again stretch our budget by giving an affordable piece the dimension and presence of a much more costly element.

By giving the sanctuary a more elegant background color and an altar cloth and bronze appointments that enhance the design, we believe we have created a dignified worship space on a budget that didn’t place a burden on the parish community. Give us the opportunity to uncover the hidden beauty of your church and you will see how budget never affects God’s glory!


St. Peter’s Cathedral, Wilmington, DE

Project Location: 500 West Street, Wilmington, DE 19801, (302) 654 – 5920

Dates of Construction: January 2008

Summary Description of Project:

Sanctuary renovation and relocation of Blessed Sacrament and Bishop’s Chair(Cathedra). All marble work designed and fabricated and installed by our Studio.


The recent project St Jude Liturgical Arts Studio completed at the Cathedral of St Peter in Wilmington DE is a great example of our expertise in Ecclesiastical marble work. The Rector, Father Cocucci, wanted to focus on the Eucharist as the dominant component of the Cathedral to emphasize the belief that the Eucharist should be the keystone of the life of every Catholic.

We were asked to move the tabernacle and the 9 foot tall marble pedestal from the alcove on the side of the sanctuary to the center behind the altar. To make space for this it was necessary to dismantle and move the marble Bishops’ chair along with two marble side chairs to the opposite side of the Sanctuary. In the space vacated by the tabernacle we moved and reset the marble pedestal for the Blessed Mother statue that was in the back of the Cathedral. All of the marble was cleaned before the project was completed. This added to the feeling of an all new worship space as well as expressing important theological concepts through church architecture.