St. Boniface Sanctuary

The altar was cleaned/modified to fit the sanctuary. Side niches were also removed from the altar and converted into side shrines.

Before and After

Front Altar (brought forward and cleaned)

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Finished Church

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Limerick PA

Arch Diocese of Raleigh, Raleigh NC

SJLAS was commissioned by the Bishop of Raleigh to refabricate an altar that dates back many years in the Raleigh Dioceses to be used as the focal point for the Chapel for the Diocesan offices in Raleigh, NC.

The altar was refabricated to fit dimensions of the sanctuary, as well as the marble was matched and designed to the ambo and tabernacle.

Before and After: Altar, ambo, and tabernacle, within a converted dentist’s office space, remodeled into a Chapel for devotion.