At St. Jude Liturgical Arts Studio, we bring new life to historic beauty by using a high attention to detail in collaborative church designs and renovations. 

We serve religious committees and churches in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the rest of the east coast by transforming their spaces into more worthy places of devotion. Our design work is never crafted to be flashy or distracting in a religious setting, but rather to add dignity and grace to a sanctuary. 

Our team designs entire sanctuary remodels, alter modifications, marble flooring and statues, stained glass windows, and more. We have worked with a number of catholic churches and cathedrals here in Pennsylvania on a wide range of projects, ranging from church pew installations to full sanctuary designs. No matter the scope of your project, we would love for you to get in touch to further discuss an updated design for a church, chapel, or catholic school.

The Process

All of our religious restoration services are carefully planned out before they begin. When it comes to large projects, our church design process will often begin by building out detailed architectural drawings. Our architectural team is very skilled at what they do and work with quick turnaround times to do their part in returning your space into a fully-functioning holy place of worship as soon as possible. 

The next step is to build full-color renderings of the design in order to help our clients visualize the design, restoration, and installation process. We don’t want there to be any surprises along the way, and pride ourselves on being transparent from the beginning. 3-D renderings are an excellent way for our partners to make any necessary changes before it is too late, which helps save time and money in the long run.

One thing that sets our Liturgical Arts Studio apart is our access to an experienced team of craftsmen in Italy. As one of the final steps in our church design process, we will work hand in hand with our religious artists overseas to design some of the artwork, furnishings, altars, reredos, and more that will work in conjunction with the rest of the renovation. Whether it is an eight-foot tall marble statue or simple wooden ambo, our team can design it from scratch and have it delivered directly to your location for installation. 

Virtual 3-D Mockups

Many of our clients have found virtual renderings to be very useful in envisioning updated church architecture or sanctuary design elements. We have access to advanced software and designers who can create an identical, colored 3-D rendering of the design that is to be implemented for a given church. This gives the clients the ability to discuss last minute changes with our design team, and save time and money once construction starts. 

Several years ago, Saint Mark’s Parish Committee was interviewing liturgical arts design companies for a sanctuary remodel in Huntersville, NC, and decided upon our firm due to the fact that we were able to provide them with a detailed virtual rendering of what the updated church would look like before remodeling ever started. Contact us to discuss more about what a virtual rendering can really do for your project. 

Updated Sanctuary Layouts

Several leadership teams have come to us with the request to not only restore some of the church’s original design elements, but also highlight different elements of a sanctuary, such as a eucharist or statue. As part of a sanctuary renovation, we can make simple changes such as adding windows and lighting features to brighten the mood of a space and give off a warm glow, but can also fabricate larger elements such as marble platforms. If you are not sure exactly what a sanctuary needs to add dignity and historical appreciation to traditional figures and values, reach out to us. 


Part of a sanctuary re-design can involve updating the space to be more handicap accessible. Our Liturgical Arts Studio has been contracted several times to incorporate a handicap ramp for ease of alter accessibility, or a handicap accessible pulpit. If you think that this may be beneficial for elders or members of your church, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss handicap accessibility options. 


Our staff and partners make up a great selection of experienced carpenters who are well-versed in wood work for liturgical worship spaces, as well as artists specializing in marble fabrication and religious metalwork design. Whether you are looking for seating pieces that can make your space a more comfortable place of worship, or sculptures and wall hangings used for liturgical celebrations, you have come to the right place. We have crafted many custom wooden church pews, altar chairs, and more. Our furnishing designs are designed to be complimentary of the influences that our clients want to use in their church. 


Although it often comes last, general artistic decoration is a key part of our design process. As stated, we work closely with a team of artists specializing in religious artwork both abroad and here in the States. They are experienced in portraying religious figures through a wide range of mediums, including fabric and tapestries, painting and stenciling, and stained glass. If you are interested in some of the art design projects that we have done in the past, please visit our fabrication page or completed work glossary. 

There are few liturgical arts studios as well-rounded as ours. Not only can we design a wide variety of church renovation and installation projects, but possess the assets to fabricate those pieces and install them as well. Explore our site to view some of our prior work and learn more about our installation processes

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Angelo Gherardi with Director Louis DiCocco at the newly installed Shrine of Our Lady of LaVang, National Basilica of Immac. Concep. Washington, DC Louis DiCocco at our Studios in Italy instructing Master Sculptor Giancarlo Burrati with Clay Model of Our Lady Of Lavang, National Basilica Washington, DC Our skilled craftsman preparing samples for approval for decorating and painting.