Installation is the final phase of our church renovation process. Many studios will handle either the design and fabrication of traditional church design elements or the installation of these religious pieces, but rarely both. 

We pride ourselves in working with many skilled craftsmen in the Tuscany area of Italy, and possess the knowledge and manpower here in the states to install and implement functional and beautiful religious pieces up and down the East Coast. 

Whether you are looking for a new altar design, need a new stained glass window designed or just installed, or anything in between, we would be happy to work with you. Read on to learn more, or explore our design and fabrication pages. 

Altar Elements

When performing a church renovation, you want the installation distractions in your church for as little time as possible. St. Judes liturgical Arts Studio is where timeliness meets craftsmanship and professionalism. We have renovated a number of altars, in a timely manner, while ensuring that each piece is installed damage free and satisfies the client’s requests. 

Altar renovations that we have completed in the past have involved the installation of elements such as new marble floors, altar rails, tabernacles, ambos, mosaic panels, and more. Oftentimes, the designer of a given piece is not available to see first-hand the space that it will be installed in. This is why our installation team works closely with the designers throughout the entire process to ensure that the pieces will fit in the given space.  


When it comes to religious artwork installation, we are often talking about very fragile, custom pieces. Because of this, it is important to put your trust in a professional installation team that can ensure your pieces are installed as seamlessly as possible. 

We sincerely enjoy a challenge, and one example of this is seen through the installation of this God the Father mosaic that we installed in St. Denis Church in Pennsylvania. This large piece was constructed out of Venetian glass and imported all the way from Italy. The pictures are a representation of the tedious and highly-detailed installation process that was completed. If you think your Catholic art project installation is too intricate for our studio, think again!

Material Matching

A challenge that many religious committees face when it comes to renovating and updating their church or cathedral is working with materials that are dated and difficult to find. When it comes time to install wooden or stone pieces that are needed to match existing pieces, it can be difficult to get it just right. 

We worked on a project for the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul whose end goal was to transfer a tabernacle and Blessed Sacrament from a side altar to a new location centered in the main Cathedral Basilica, and needed to match the marble being added to the new location to the existing marble piece. Working with our team in Italy, we were able to exactly match the marble, combining graining and coloration that is no longer quarried. 


In some cases, your church may not need any new art or design element installation, but simply need old elements to be renovated. Our constructors and carpenters can make simple changes to your space that can drastically change the look and feel of your religious meeting area. This can include adding lighting features or changing paint colors. 

Church Re-Painting

In the past, we have boosted the aesthetics of a sanctuary as part of a bigger renovation simply by painting war tones and muted colors, which can soften the walls and allow the architectural elements to stand out. 

Contact Us Today

At the end of the day, St Jude Liturgical Arts Studio aims to use our services to help create spaces that call to mind the glory of God. No matter the budget of your church or committee, our wide scope of different projects can improve the look and feel of your religious space. Please reach out to us to discuss the details of your church remodeling project!

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