St. Jude Liturgical Arts Studio is proud of the many studios it collaborates with to present the client with the finest result of fine art and fine workmanship, whether the particular need is for marble, wood-carved, cast bronze metal and/or fiberglass sculptures. You will see a collection of a few of many custom and unique art pieces that were commissioned by the Studio such as a custom designed St. Padre Pio sculpture sitting in a gazebo or a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton statue placed in a park outside of a church. We also pride ourselves in hand-carved wood pieces from the Northern Italian town of Ortisei. The request for St. Andrew’s Church in Clifton, VA originated with a small colored picture that was first created in wood-carved. The final result was a five foot cast bronze metal sculpture of St. Andrew. One of the other many services that the Liturgical Arts Studio provides is the restoration of existing statuary.

The Pieta statue was a gift of a donor back at the Centennial of Philadelphia in 1876. It was then purchased during the Centennial celebration in Pennsylvania and presented to the parish and people of St. Boniface Church, formerly at 2nd & Diamond Streets. This statue has a historical significance because it was then restored during the year 2007-08 which was the Bicentennial of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This is a unique, one of a kind, piece. It’s restoration was an extensive process. The entire sculpture had to be rebuilt; inside pieces from over the years of neglect were warped and damaged and new areas had to be reconstructed. Special attention was given to the folds of the garment. The result was one of bringing the piece back to its original art style.

The sampling of statuary pictures shows the many different types of materials and mediums that are used by the Liturgical Arts Studio, as well as the uniqueness of the portrayal of Saints never before seen. The details are something to be appreciated.

St. Paul’s Church

St Jude Liturgical Arts Studio helped Father Louis Bellopede, the pastor of St Paul’s Church, create a replica of an Italian piazza in South Philadelphia. The project design was inspired by the Piazza San Pietro, which is in front of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

When Father Louis Bellopede, the pastor of St Paul’s Church, in South Philadelphia was notified that his parish named after St Paul would become a pilgrimage destination, he shared with us his vision to create a replica of an Italian piazza as a place of inspiration and a focus for the community. St Jude Liturgical Arts Studio undertook a bold direction when we decided to base our design on the most famous Piazza of all, the Piazza San Pietro, which is in front of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Since it was not appropriate to build an exact replica, we focused on one of the main components of this well recognized space, that of the statues of Peter and Paul that frame the Basilica. Father agreed with our designers that bronze metal would be the best material to convey the devotion, integrity, and power of these two great saints. We called upon our bronze foundry in Italy to create two life size statues using the lost wax casting process. The result is a realistic traditional image of Peter and Paul that is reminiscent of the great expressive and inspirational art of the Renaissance.

The statues harmonize well with their environment in that the pedestals bases that they rest upon are made of the same brick and are in the same style as the facade of the Church.

What a great gift to the neighborhood and the entire the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as the Church throughout the world celebrates the year of St Paul in 2008-2009.